Dancing with the stars

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I find glamour in the darkness

When I look to the sky 

And see the stars gleaming 

They teach me how to dance 

When they fall

They fall like rain drops 

When I dance 

They feel like fireworks 

Dancing with the stars


Revive my mind with this pencil
Revive my heart with your touch
Revive my soul with some passion
Passion for creating
Passion for our family
Passion for you


King of Hearts


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We move together in slow, synchronized movements,

Intertwined between the pores of your bare skin.

Your sweat drips onto my breast,

Soaking you up.

As I become more like you,

And you become more like me,

We understand each others memories.

We understand each others pain.

Three years have gone by,

Counting my blessings every time,

I wake up to you by my side –

Protecting me.

Every time you lay intwined with me,

My skin soaks in your aura.

You are my only desire,

I can’t get you out of my head.

I love you to the moon and back,

My handsome man,

Sometimes life deals you miracles,

Iv’e been dealt the god damn king.


Ps. Happy Birthday baby, don’t ever change.

M.M. + J.D. = Forever 

King of Hearts

Skeletal Beauty


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They tell me I’m beautiful.

They say,

“I am so jealous of your legs”.


They don’t know,

It scares me,

They never brush against each other.


They tell me I’m lucky.

They say,

“You are so tall”.


They don’t know,

I was made to be taller

but my back,

It’s broke.


They tell me I look like a model.

They say,

“You are so skinny”.


They don’t know,

I feel so weak,

I tremble and shake.


For goodness sake,

I’m skin and bones and wide awake.


Skeletal Beauty

Today is your Birthday 🎈

Today is your first birthday.

This year you have been my entire world.

There have been ups;

Your first words, your first steps and just getting to watch you grow even more beautiful each day.

On the inside and out.

There have been downs;

Post partum, crying, frustration.

No matter how hard it gets, you’re worth it to me.

Your little smile is worth it.

And even when I have the worst day ever,

maybe because you were grumpy that day,

It will always be worth it.

Having you at 21 was hard.

Labour was hard.

Not sleeping was hard.

Looking and smelling far from my best,
That was hard.

But having a child isnt supposed to be easy.

I will always try my best to make sure it is hard because nothing good ever comes with ease,

And baby you are SO worth it.

Happy birthday my darling girl.


Smash your cake,

And cry if you want to.

Its your party after all.

Today is your Birthday 🎈

Day and Night 🌙

Day by day

I love you more

You can’t ignore

It’s pure



Royal, baby you’re my queen.


Night by night

You shine so bright

A diamond in the sky

When dusk meets dawn

Sweet tales of swans

Sent swimming out of sight.


Unrequited Love

[Def; Unrequited love or one-sided love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved]

The Stages

I know you want to look away,

Try to refrain,

Please hear me say,

You couldn’t know he’d feel that way.

[unrequited love]

You gave your all,

He let you fall,

Now get back up and stand up tall.


Tears run down the bathroom stall,

Fall to the ground,

I only frown,

Just leave me here, cold on the ground.


How f*cking could you lead me on

One minute were friends

The next you were gone.

How could you not like me,

How was I so wrong?


Your casual words not so casual to me.

Our unforeseen future unpredictably free.

Of course it hurt but helped me see,

All of this,

Started with me.




Seems like every other day,
Im every other way

Im low, so low
Screaming, yelling.
Theres no hope.

Please go.

Still here?

Thank you mister, take my fears.


To you.

And everyone who thought I’d fail.

When all derailed,

I set my sail and grabbed those demons by the tail.


I didn’t love you.

She caught a glimpse of herself, existing, lonely.

In her mind, drowned by the sound of sad songs and ex lovers.

What could of been, cut short by what never was.

Memories, is all he holds – she holds.

Lost kisses muffled by the rain, trapped in the perfume that she wore that night.

For in that moment She felt lonely but she was never alone.

The sky is so vast, The stars are so far away, yet we feel their beauty and sense their pain.

I sense you, like a ghost in the blackness of the night.

Its dark now and I shouldn’t be thinking of you.

I never loved you, not real love, I thought I loved you, then you left.

It was like we were living our own romantic movie, you touched my heart .

But I didn’t love you.

I didnt love you.

How could I if we never made love.

SEX is that all You can think of?

I said we never made love.
We never made it.
We didnt even try.

Making love, creating love, but we never had a chance.

So I smoke my weed and I’m off in a trance about how I should have told you to stay, I should have taken a stance.


I didn’t love you.