Today is your Birthday 🎈

Today is your first birthday.

This year you have been my entire world.

There have been ups;

Your first words, your first steps and just getting to watch you grow even more beautiful each day.

On the inside and out.

There have been downs;

Post partum, crying, frustration.

No matter how hard it gets, you’re worth it to me.

Your little smile is worth it.

And even when I have the worst day ever,

maybe because you were grumpy that day,

It will always be worth it.

Having you at 21 was hard.

Labour was hard.

Not sleeping was hard.

Looking and smelling far from my best,
That was hard.

But having a child isnt supposed to be easy.

I will always try my best to make sure it is hard because nothing good ever comes with ease,

And baby you are SO worth it.

Happy birthday my darling girl.


Smash your cake,

And cry if you want to.

Its your party after all.

Today is your Birthday 🎈