Hopeless Romantic X Practical Realist


[Art by James Muir]

[I will never give up on my man simply because he doesn’t live up to my unrealistic fantasies, look closely and I can see a man who works hard to give his family everything they need and I can see a man who loves me beyond words.]


My love, will you watch the sunset with me by the ocean?

Baby girl, it’s cold outside tonight.

Will you play me a song that you love?

I can’t think of any at the moment, I’m sorry.

Will you kiss me in the rain until our lips turn blue?

Why don’t we just stay inside where it’s warm?

Will you walk with me until the souls of our feet bleed?

You know I don’t like to go for pointless walks.

Will you marry me on the beach, in the summer, somewhere hot?

I would marry you right here and now.

Darling, will you love me forever?

Baby, I will love you forever more.

Hopeless Romantic X Practical Realist

Angels vs Devils

Above is the devil,

It’s trapped in mind.

Screaming at me,

‘Have a miserable time’.

Below is my shadow,

trapped to my side.

Desperately trying,

to flee from her crime.

I look to the sky

And I ask myself this,

Must I question the angels?

Or answer to death?

Angels vs Devils




You weren’t put here to die.


You weren’t put here to fly.

Concentrate and listen close,

The wind will whisper your fate,

Guided by the ghosts.

Concentrate and don’t let go,

The leaves with dance with hate.

Your mind is a powerful place.

This, they already know.

They count on murder,

They count on hate.

They run this world,

No pearly gates.

Except for the angels,

You can hear them singing in fear.

For the lives that were taken to settle a score.

For the lives that were taken to cover up more.


Don’t be fooled.

You’re an angel in the dark

A secret weapon,

To destroy the patriarch.



IMG_2592.JPGSomeday you have to realize,

Baby ain’t got nothing but the same old lies.

I’ve got the questions in my mind.

Asking you straight up,

getting the same lines.

Every day im running ’round the block,

Counting the minutes on every wall clock.

Stop watch,

Stop time,

Bring you back to me.

Travel the world,

We still have so much to see.

Our little girl, yes she worships you.

Baby please come home.

Make our dreams come true.

You’re like the rubber to my glue,

Everything you do,

I worship you too.

My apologies for my anxiety.

Questioning our love,

Baby don’t you see?

There’s nothing wrong with you

Anxiety took control of me.




I feel Happy.

It’s been a while.


I feel social.

It’s been a while.


I feel friendship.

It’s been a while.


I feel Free.

You see this smile, it’s travelled miles.

Fought drowning battles.

Today I made it.

It’s been a while.



Sick from worry.

Worried sick.

Anxious in my chest.


My chest is in my stomach.

My stomachs turning round.


Life’s quite short, so please don’t frown.


I’m new in town,

this here’s not my own throne.


To you I’m known, to others I’m not.

So rest your head, against your chest.

And let poor sorrow go.


Tomorrow we will know, tomorrow we will go.


Today is your Birthday 🎈

Today is your first birthday.

This year you have been my entire world.

There have been ups;

Your first words, your first steps and just getting to watch you grow even more beautiful each day.

On the inside and out.

There have been downs;

Post partum, crying, frustration.

No matter how hard it gets, you’re worth it to me.

Your little smile is worth it.

And even when I have the worst day ever,

maybe because you were grumpy that day,

It will always be worth it.

Having you at 21 was hard.

Labour was hard.

Not sleeping was hard.

Looking and smelling far from my best,
That was hard.

But having a child isnt supposed to be easy.

I will always try my best to make sure it is hard because nothing good ever comes with ease,

And baby you are SO worth it.

Happy birthday my darling girl.


Smash your cake,

And cry if you want to.

Its your party after all.

Today is your Birthday 🎈