Raw Authentic Emotion 💭

What’s up?

For most of you, this might just look like another blog. To me, this is my heart and soul. Speaking Raw, Authentic Emotion is tough and that’s what this blog is all about.
Somedays it can be hard for me to express all my thoughts and feelings through my voice. Sometimes, I don’t want to express these feelings aloud, so I turn my pen to paper and it all flows out. Some poems take me a week to write, some take me 10 minutes, and others never get finished, no matter how wonderful the idea was. If the Raw Authentic Emotion isn’t there, then it never escapes the walls of my leather bound book. I welcome you into my mind, you are in for one f*cked up journey. If this blog is any good, I will have you crying, laughing and pondering with every published post.


Raw Authentic Emotion 💭

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